Why Paris Hilton is the Most Overrated Person in the World

Paris Hilton could be the luckiest person in the world. Who else gets to do whatever they please, and have absolutely no consequences? Overrated is the first word that comes to mind, Why? I guess I would answer that with another question. What has Paris Hilton done to get so much media coverage? Or better yet, what value do Paris Hilton have in our society? Yes, you could argue that she has entertainment value, but you’d also be hard pressed to find anything else.

Paris Hilton is uneducated. That is evident if you’ve ever watched her show The Simple Life, in which she co-stars with Nicole Richie (don’t even get me started on her). We preach “education” and President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act is proof. However, we are drawn in by this mental midget because she has fashion sense and knows how to party. Either Paris Hilton is a complete moron with the education level of a 6th grader, or she’s really good at playing dumb. My guess is that the latter is actually true. Once again, tune into The Simple Life and you can see first hand how bad of an actress she is.

One aspect about Paris Hilton that is somewhat impressive is her ability to maintain a business. Yep, Paris has a perfume and watch line of products that she, supposedly developed. I doubt that, but she does a pretty good job of marketing and promoting. But, was this business venture Paris Hilton’s doing, or some business person that is behind the scenes? I would say that someone saw a great opportunity to use Paris Hilton’s name and image as a promotional tool and decided to approach her about a line of products. And, since you have to have money in order to make it, Paris probably jumped at the chance to invest some of her father’s money. Nice move, Paris, but some of us aren’t fooled. It’s kind of like the Mary Kate and Ashly Olson line of clothing and apparel that is sold at Walmart. We all know they didn’t come up with that idea, but are being used as a promotional tool to sell products. Hey, it works!

What would the topic of Paris Hilton be without bringing up the sex-tape scandal? So, this is the question at hand: Was it an honest mistake, or a publicity stunt? One can only wonder, seeing that Paris Hilton isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. My take on it would be somewhere in between. Paris probably didn’t want that tape to fall into the public’s hands, but then again, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Too bad Paris Hilton couldn’t have made a few dollars off the scandal, after all, it’s much more entertaining than The Simple Life.

Yes, for some reason Paris Hilton is considered a star in our media’s eyes. Why, we may never find out. Until she adds some sort of value to our society, I refuse to give one ounce of attention to her. Who knows, she may just burn out and fade away never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening anytime soon are pretty small.