Jessica Eason Arrested “For Being a Crackhead,” David Eason Claims

The drama continues for the Easons. David’s sister, Jessica Eason Miller, was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance on May 21. Online records from the Brunswick County Police department reveal she was booked around 3 a.m. Monday morning and has since been released after posting a $5,000 bond.

According to Starcasm, the official charge is felony possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, which “can include cocaine, raw opium, opium extracts – fluid and powder, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, methamphetamine, Ritalin, and Adderall.” Jessica has not responded to the arrest.

Over the years, Jess has made it clear she’s not a fan of her sister-in-law, Jenelle Evans. Most recently, Jenelle slammed Jessica’s T-shirt company, Expressive Shirt, and Jessica was quick to clap back.

In the post from Monday, Jan. 15, Jenelle called the company a “fake business,” which set Jessica off. “Once again.. #Jenelle is starting her immature stalkish [sic] childish crap, then when I retaliate, she runs and cries,” the caption of her screenshot read. “I’m so sick of this crazy moron! And if I see another one of my friends ‘like’ anything else of hers, you won’t hear from me again. I’m fed up!!!”

Jenelle then went on to say that Jessica shouldn’t be selling clothes in the first place. “Again #jenelleevans little girl [you] better fall back,” Jessica replied. “I don’t even look your way, yet [you] stalk EVERY MOVE I MAKE! Jealous and obsessive much? Wtf is wrong [with] you?!?!?! Get a life and get your powder-filled nose out of my business! Nasty!”

Yet this wasn’t the first time Jessica publicly shamed her brother’s wife. Just one month prior, a message exchange between her and a fan was leaked, in which she called Jenelle a “slut.” Specifically, Jessica wrote that Jenelle “bought 1000 shares in 25 abortion clinics” and has “her own bedroom at half of them [with] her name on the headboard.” Jeez. It doesn’t seem like the drama will be ending any time soon!


Convicted Anna Nicole Smith Stalker May Be Father of Her Baby

The daily drama over who may be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn continues to grow. A new possible father for the baby seems to come forward every hour. Now there is news of another former flame of Smith coming forward. News had come out that the man convicted for stalking Anna Nicole Smith and beating up her next door neighbor may be the father of her baby.

Known as “Hollywood”, Mark Hatten used to be the boyfriend of Anna Nicole Smith in 2000. Their relationship was short lived however. Hatten showed signs of being obsessive and controlling. This caused Smith to break up with Hatten. “Hollywood” did not take this news well and reacted negatively. He began to threaten and stalk Smith on a daily basis. She had to call the cops on him several times. He was convicted for stalking Smith and beating up her neighbors. His prison term is for seven long years.

Hatten decided to write a letter from his jail cell to EXTRA and TMZ. Both of those places are media companies that specialize in celebrity gossip and breaking news. It is in his letter that he describes how he could possibly be the father of her baby. He claims to have given Anna Nicole Smith a sperm sample in which she stored at a sperm bank.

“I allege that I could be the father of Dannielynn by means of artificial insemanation (sic),” stated Hatten in the letter. He also went on to say that after he gave Smith his sperm sample, she said, “Congratulations Mr. Hollywood, you just made a deposit in the Anna Nicole sperm bank.”

This breaking news adds yet another father to the group of men who have come forward. The rumors continue to circulate that there may be more men who might come forward. Nobody knows who is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth. The process to find out who the father is has yet to be decided. Hopefully it will happen soon so that this mess can be cleaned up sooner than later.

Sources: “Anna Saga — New Potential Baby Daddy Surfaces.” [Online] 15 February 2007.